Get What You Get Tattoo

Are you daring?

Do you want an adventure and want a new tattoo? Take a chance and leave it to fate when you get a "Get What You Get Tattoo"! Quality tattoos, Is there a catch? Yes, with"Get What You Get Tattoo" you get what you get and it comes out of the capsule vending machine or the ball landing in a Plinko slot!

Get what You Get Tattoos are 150.00 and a big value. You buy a 150 dollar coin for the Tattoo gumball vending machine or a ball for our exciting Plinko board and you get what you get!

However, if you absolutely do not want the tattoo most places offer redos for 20.00(


You get what you get tattoo!

A new experience in collecting quality tattoos

Available at these fine shops

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